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Posted on: April 17, 2021

Easter Thank You!

Thank you to all who helped in large and small ways to make our Easter Liturgies spiritually meaningful and beautiful. First of all, our appreciation goes to our pastor, Father Duane, who gives of himself in every matter from the mundane to the majestic. Preparing his homilies, directing the ministers, and putting his personal touch on each and every detail of the Triduum, made us spiritually aware of this most important liturgical season.

Thanks to Theresa Zuerblis who worked tirelessly to make sure we had the flowers needed to decorate the altar. This was no small task as selections were in short supply. But Theresa had her contacts, and she used them well. Appreciation goes to our maintenance crew, Ed and Dennis, on the spot help with no complaints and working until the tasks were complete.

Then, those who helped with the altar decorations, Father, of course, Marilyn Lynn and Bev Goll. Thanks to Karen Bogle for providing the candy-filled Easter eggs displayed and available at the “Easter Bunny.” These were treats everyone could enjoy!

The music provided by Rick Cucchi and the instrumentalists added to the solemnity and joy of our Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. For those who donated toward our Easter flowers in memory of those loved ones who are deceased or in honor of those loved ones still living.

Thank you for your generosity. Hopefully it brought you some comfort to know that they were remembered.

Posted on: April 17, 2021

2020-21 CSA Report

2020-2021 Report Catholic Services Appeal

This report is from September 1, 2020 through April 14, 2021. Payments and pledges for 2020-2021 Campaign are accepted through May 31, 2021.

CSA AoD Goal: $14,358.00
Total Pledged: $45,240.00
Total Paid: $41,171.95
Pledge Balance: $4,068.05
Refund Anticipated: $30,882.00
Refund Issued: $26,918.61
Average Pledge: $526.05
Pledges Made: 86
Pledges Fully Paid: 73
Pledges Outstanding: 13
Parish Families: 201

Posted on: April 17, 2021

Parish Financial Report July 1, 2020 - March 31, 2020

St. Matthew Parish Report

3rd Quarter Financial Report

July 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021

Posted on: January 24, 2021

Congratulations, Bill Ridella!

Congratulations to One of Our Own
~ Mr. Bill Ridella ~

In public as well as ecclesial service, it is said that when one is honored, we are all honored. Today, we spotlight and recognize the accomplishments of our long-time parishioner, Bill Ridella, upon his retirement. On January 8, 2021, the State of Michigan along with the Macomb County Board of Commissioners paid tribute and gave proclamation to Mr. Ridella for his 42 years of service to public health in the City of Detroit and Macomb County.

Bill Ridella first joined the Macomb County Health Department working in the Women-Infants-Children (WIC) program. After a year with the  department, he continued on a 31-year career with the Detroit Health Department and eventually became the Deputy Health Director.

In 2012, Bill rejoined the Macomb County Health Department as Director / Health Officer where he served with distinction for the last eight years of his career. He saw Macomb County through this past year of the COVID-19 pandemic bringing his expertise and patient leadership to help move the community to effectively implement recommended directives to ensure the health and safety of people.

Bill Ridella throughout his career worked for the health and well-being of people. His concern and the approach he took to his work reflected his faith in God, in the Church, and his belief in the dignity of all. He worked to recognize and bridge inequalities in healthcare and to bring a just approach to the delivery of care to a diverse community.

Much of this has been fostered here at St. Matthew Parish where, for Bill, faith and service are one. He along with his wife, Laura, of 34 years and their children have been members of St. Matthew’s since 1985. They have offered their time to our St. Vincent de Paul Society outreach, and he ministers as a lector on Sundays and continues to bring his expertise to the development of our parish safety plan. We are proud to say that Mr. Ridella is a part of our faith community and has taken a bit of St. Matthew Parish into the marketplace.

Congratulations, Bill, a job well done. Enjoy your retirement years. May you remain healthy and thank you for your years of service. We all share in your honor!

Father Duane R. Novelly, Pastor

Posted on: January 17, 2021

2020-21 CSA Report


CSA AoD Goal: $14,358.00
Total Pledged: $45,920.00
Total Paid (January 13, 2021) $36,178.92
Pledge Balance: $9,741.08
Refund Anticipated: $31,562.00
Refund Issued: $21,148.69
Refund Due: $672.23
Average Pledge: $510.22
Pledges Made: 90
Pledges Fully Paid: 66
Pledges Outstanding: 24
Parish Families: 211


Posted on: January 17, 2021

Parish Financial Report Jul 2020 - Dec 2020

St. Matthew Parish Report
July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020

Budget/26 Weeks: @ $2,442 (rounded) $63,500.06
Actual/26 Weeks: $47,609.17
Online Giving/26 Weeks: $25,955.00
Total Actual/26 Weeks: $73,564.17
Overage/Shortfall: $10,064.11
Average Collection/Sunday: $2,829.39
Average % of Budget/Sunday: 115.85%
Average % over (under)/Sunday: 15.85%
Debt Reduction Envelope/26 Weeks: $1,384.00
Online Debt Reduction Giving: $475.00
Total Debt Reduction Giving: $1,859.00

NET OVERAGE FOR 13 WEEKS: $11,923.11

Posted on: December 30, 2020

Birthday Blessings to Father Duane!

Happy 70th Birthday, Father Duane!

We thank God for you with an Amen and Alleluia!
May God’s Blessings be with you,
may He grant you Good Health, and
may He surround you with His Grace and Love!

Posted on: December 13, 2020

2020 Gold'n Harvest Winners!

The Gold’n Harvest 50/50 Raffle Drawing was held last Sunday, December 6th. It surely was different this year. Due to the pandemic, the Big Raffle Drawing was live-streamed in the auditorium. We had to forego our parish breakfast and the presenting of consolation (sur)prizes. However, there was a surprise in that we had extraordinary results, the third best ever. The gross proceeds totaled $31,900, not including donations.

The amount of $15,950 was awarded to the parish, and the balance divided among the winners. Three winners were awarded their prizes in accordance with the rules of the State of Michigan Charitable Gaming Commission. We congratulate these lucky winners!

1st Prize: $9,570 to Len Henk, a long-time friend of Father Duane and supporter of St. Matthew Parish

2nd Prize: $4,466 to Matt Gross, son of David and Lynn Gross, parishioners

3rd Prize: $1,914 to Andrew Gallant, grandson of Bing and Jesse Ocampo, parishioners

Sellers’ Drawing Winner: $200 to Jennifer Khalifah

Thanks also to Co-chair, Bill Zuerblis, for his loyal support to this effort and to Patricia Camazzola for manning the ticket table after Saturday Masses. Of course, we cannot forget those of you who bought or sold the 50/50 Gold’n Harvest Raffle tickets. Your efforts in these most challenging times truly made this fundraiser a success!

Posted on: October 26, 2020

Quarterly Stewardship Report

St. Matthew Parish Report
July 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020

Budget/13 Weeks: @ $2,442 (rounded) $31,750.03

Actual/13 Weeks: $24,120.17

Online Giving/13 Weeks: $10,585.00

Total Actual/13 Weeks: $34,705.17

Overage/Shortfall: $2,955.14

Average Collection/Sunday: $2,669.63

Average % of Budget/Sunday: 109.31%

Average % over (under)/Sunday: 9.3%

Debt Reduction Envelope/13 Weeks: $788.00

Online Debt Reduction Giving: $225.00

Total Debt Reduction Giving: $1,031.00