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Stained Glass

Marian Transept


The large window facing the rectory is composed of three separate windows detailing the Crucifixion of our Lord.

On the lower windows are depicted St. Augustine and the Bishop's Mitre and St. Thomas Aquinas and the Sun.

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In the window above the Blessed Mother altar and the window above the cry room in that area, the four cardinal virtues are personified:


The Woman Dressed in Armor


The Woman with the Mirror


Pouring with the Pitcher


The Scales




St. Joseph Transept


The large window on the Harper side of the Transept is like-wise three separate windows depicting the Resurrection of Jesus from the Dead.

In the lower windows are depicted St. Bonaventure and the emblem of the Franciscan Order and St. Jerome, the writer of the Bible in Latin, shown with Book and Cardinal's Zuchetto (Hat).

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In the upper story above St. Joseph's altar and the cry room are three windows. In the two windows immediately above St. Joseph's altar, the four major prophets are depicted. They are: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel.


In the window above the cry room are depicted two of the lesser prophets who number 12.


Shrine of St. Matthew


An Angel with the Scroll, the symbol for St. Matthew, our patron saint. The Lion's head, the symbol of St. Mark.

Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary


The Ox head, the symbol for St. Luke and the Eagle,
the symbol for St. John.