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2018 CSA Message from the Archbishop

St. Matthew 2018 CSA "Double Down"

This year, St. Matthew is going to “double down” on CSA!

I want to make the meaning of this campaign title very clear. As I said last weekend, our CSA target for this year is $15,800. This amount must be raised by the parish and submitted to the Archdiocese for all the good ministerial work the AoD does. Any amount raised over and above the stated target stays in our parish. It is not assessed, meaning taxed by the Archdiocese, and does not effect our target for next year.

This seems like an opportune moment to raise much needed funds for our budget. As you know, we subsidize our budget yearly from our savings and until our school buildings are sold, it is nearly impossible to have a balanced budget. 

The Parish Council has now initiated a means by which we can replenish our savings especially the money we needed last year for maintenance. That is where the title of “double down” originated. We would like to “double down” on the AoD target of approximately $15,000, and internally give ourselves a target of $30,000. In effect having a pledge drive for ourselves to raise $15,000 to help offset our maintenance expenditure.

However, we are not just “doubling down” on the money. We would like to “double down” on participation. Last year, only 99 givers pledged $26,000, 104 parishioners did not participate. With a concerted effort to reach out to nongivers in the CSA and with their support, we could easily reach $30,000. If those who gave last year pledged the same and those who did not participate gave something toward it, we could reach our goal and maybe go beyond.

This request is not for anything extravagant or for anything superfluous, it is for the basic needs of our parish so that we can continue to maintain ourselves. We want to remain at the corner of Harper and Whitter as a Beacon of Light and a Sign of Hope to our neighborhood and for a Catholic presence on the east side of Detroit.

So I’m asking everyone, please “double down.” Help us to meet our internal (self-imposed) target of $30,000 through the CSA pledge drive. Over the next twelve months, you can surely do something to help us out so we can remain a viable presence as a Catholic Community.

God Bless,

Fr. Duane

Pledged Gifts

The CSA is a pledge program. Pledging gifts allows many donors to make a more generous - and affordable - contribution to the Catholic Services Appeal because they can spread out their gifts over several months. They also have the option of making an initial payment when they fill out their pledge card, and paying the remaining balance with nine additional monthly payments.

Gift Table

Gift Amount Initial Payment 9 Monthly Payments Daily Sacrifice
$10,000 $1,000 $1,000 $27.40
$5,000 $500 $500 $13.70
$2,000 $200 $200 $5.48
$1,000 $100 $100 $2.74
$500 $50 $50 $1.37
$300 $30 $30 $0.82

Online Gifts & Account Management

You have the option of paying your pledge electronically, by credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT) from a bank. This process saves paper as well as postage, because it eliminates the need to mail monthly reminders. With thousands of generous donors contributing to the CSA each year, this amounts to a considerable environmental savings and is good stewardship.

You can set up your donation or pledge online by clicking here. 

Important Note 1: If you plan on making recurring payments to cover a pledged gift, be sure to create an account so you can make payments, receive reminders, and track your payments. If you prefer to make a one-time gift, you may click "Quick Give" from the site link above. If you use "Quick Give", be sure to select St. Matthew Parish from the list of parishes!

Important Note 2: If you currently participate in our Online Giving for your weekly envelopes, you will notice the CSA pledge/payment website is virtually identical. However, it is NOT the same site, and you will need to create a second username/login account to manage your CSA pledge and payments. 

You can also call (888) 331-8695 to make an online or EFT request.