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Stained Glass

The stained glass windows at St. Matthew were designed and installed by master artisan Andrew Maglia. For information on Andrew Maglia, click here.

Intro by Fr. Novelly

Fr. Novelly provides an overview of our magnificent stained glass artwork in the following short video.

Upper Clerestory Windows

For details on the windows of the upper clerestory (Numbers 1 - 10), please click here.

Lower Nave Windows

For details on the lower nave windows (Numbers 11 - 26), please click here.

Transept Windows

For details on the windows installed in each Transept (Numbers 28 - 37), please click here.

Baptistery & Choir Loft Windows

For details on the windows in the baptistery (Number 38) and choir loft (Number 27), please click here.

Stained Glass Locations

The graphic below illustrates the location of each window in the church. Numbers correspond to images found in each subsection. (Click image to enlarge).