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Welcome Newest Parishioner!

March 9, 2018

Please welcome our newest parishioner!

Keith Rowinski of Detroit

We are happy, Keith, that you are now part of the
St. Matthew Parish Community.
We hope you find your spiritual home here!

Farewell from the Smydra's

October 4, 2017

To: Father Duane, Parish Council, Choir, Musical Directors, Marilyn & All Staff, and All the Wonderful People of St. Matthew Parish

Thank you so vey much for the kind and thoughtful farewell tribute given to Marty and me as we move on to a new life adventure.

The St. Matthew Community has been central to our family for 40 years. You will remain with us forever.

God bless!
David and Marty (Smydra) 


2016 Mass of Remembrance

November 20, 2016

November 1, 2015 ~ November 1, 2016

We thank You, Heavenly Father, for our relatives and friends who were so near and dear to us. We thank You for their friendship and for the peace that they brought to us.

We thank You that they became people others could love while they were with us here on earth.

We Remember…

Sister Karen Eklund, IHM

George Rees

Roy William Lozon

Herbert Mulford

Elizabeth Pellerito

Lincoln Chrysler

Rolf Fruehauf

William Stanley

Joyce Habrowski

LaDeen Mae Williams

Nenita Sanchez

Welcome Newest Parishioners!

November 13, 2016

~ Our Newest Parishioners ~

Gerianne LaPratt and her husband,

Robert Perreault, Grosse Pointe Woods

Carolyn Lewis, Detroit

Our New Catechumen

We hope you find your true spiritual home

here in St. Matthew Parish.

St. Matthew Financial Update

October 22, 2016

St. Matthew Parish Report 

July 1, 2016 to September 30, 2016 


Budget for 13 Weeks:              $32,201.00

Actual for 13 Weeks:               $28,287.07

Online Giving for 13 Weeks:    $2,450.00 

Total Actual for 13 Weeks:     $30,737.07

Overage (shortfall):                ($1,463.93)


Average Collection / Sunday:                    $2,175.93

Average % of Budget / Sunday:                       87.8%             

Average % over (under) / Sunday:                 (12.2%)


Debt Envelope for 13 Weeks:                     $789.88

Online Giving / Debt Envelope:                  $195.00

Debt Reduction Collection Income:           $984.88


NET (SHORTFALL) TO DATE:                   ($479.49)


Cucchi's Corner - From the Loft!

October 16, 2016

“For the Beauty of the Earth”


One of my favorite hymns is For the Beauty of the Earth.  This hymn’s text was written by Folliott Sandford Pierpoint who lived from 1835 to 1917.  After getting his education from Cambridge, he taught at Somersetshire College in his home area of Bath, England.  One day at age 29, he was walking in the countryside and was overwhelmed with God’s beautiful creation; the blue sky; the ocean; and all the rest. Pierpoint intended it to be a hymn to be used for Communion services in the Anglican Church in England; but, when it came here to America, it was quickly used around Thanksgiving time.

I love the last line of each verse: Lord of all, to you we raise, This our hymn of grateful praise.  This last line is filled with an “attitude of gratitude!”


Rick, St. Matt’s Music Minister

Welcome Maryjo Yokum!

October 2, 2016

~ Our Newest Parishioner ~

Maryjo Yokum, Northville

We hope you find your true spiritual home here in St. Matthew Parish.

2016 CSA Report

September 25, 2016

2016 Catholic Services Appeal Parish Report


as of September 15, 2016


CSA Goal:                $15,281.00

Total  Pledged:        $29,245.00

Total Paid (to 9/15/16):    $22,093.75

Pledge Balance:                $  7,151.25


Refund to Parish Anticipated:    $13,964.00

Refund Issued:                            $         0.00

Refund to Parish Due:                $  6,812.75

Average Pledge:                           $     292.45

Welcome Newest Parishioners!

September 11, 2016

~ Our Newest Parishioners ~

Marisa Ciaramitaro, Birmingham

Robert and Angie Jones, Detroit

Jesse McCauley, Grosse Pointe Woods

Lora Reams, Grosse Pointe Woods

We hope you find your true spiritual home here in St. Matthew Parish.