August 7, 2016

Cucchi's Corner - From the Loft


Choir Members Wanted:  Positions open to soprano, alto, tenor and bass.  No others need apply.

Physical Qualifications:  Must be able to carry light musical notes across the sanctuary. Must have sufficient vision to see the director.

Experience:  No application will be accepted from persons who have not sung, hummed, or whistled in the bathtub or shower at some time.

Beginning Wage: Increased satisfaction and joy in the service to God.

Fringe Benefits:  Social Security. We promise you the security of social fellowship with other choir members.

Hours: Sunday mornings from 9:00 to 11:15.  There are occasional opportunities for overtime.

Retirement:  Generally determined by printed notes getting too small; the hymnal too heavy; notes too high; sanctuary too hot or too cold; or the organist unable to play the notes you sing!

Interested?: Contact Rick Cucchi at or come to the first rehearsal in the choir loft balcony on September 11th at 9 a.m.  You may also call the rectory during business hours and leave your name and phone number for follow-up.

July 24, 2016

Welcome Mike Campbell!

~ To our Newest Parishioner ~

We welcome Mike Campbell of Ferndale as he returns to St. Matthew’s Parish.

Re-Registered on July 12, 2016

July 17, 2016

Congratulations Patrick Dunstone!

Congratulations to Patrick Dunstone!

Graduate of the Class of 2016

University of Detroit Jesuit

High School & Academy

We are proud of your academic  accomplishments and wish you well as you begin your studies at Michigan State University.

May 15, 2016

Welcome Rick Cucchi!

Greetings from the Loft!

Last week, we introduced to you our new Sunday Liturgy Music Minister and Choir Director, Rick Cucchi. Here are a few more facts about Rick that may be of interest.

Rick has worked in music ministry in the AoD for 30 years. He holds a Master of Music degree in Organ Performance from the University of Michigan and is currently working full time for Parking and Transportation at U of M.

Rick has played theater organ for the Fox and Redford Theaters since he was in high school. He has also been a teacher of organ and church music for many years.

Again, we welcome Rick Cucchi to our parish family. We hope he finds us a prayerful and song-filled people!

May 1, 2016

Welcome New Parishioner!

~ Welcome To our Newest Parishioner ~

Ms. Betty Griffin of Detroit
Registered on April 23, 2016

May 1, 2016

Jazz Nite 2016 Final Financial Report

The 2016 Jazz Nite fundraising event held at the Greek Assumption Orthodox Banquet Center was another success due to those who worked on the Jazz Nite Committee coordinating the evening’s activities and to those who supported the event financially with purchasing tickets, sponsoring tables, and generous donations.

Table Sponsors
Father Duane Novelly
Bruce and Anne Marie Langan-Campbell
Ann-Marie Ruder
Joe Balistreri
Kevin and Barbara Kendrick
Emmanuel and Veronica Obianwu
Tim and Joan Duffy
Bob and Judy Stark
Vaughn and Patti Adams
Joe and Mary Zainea
Greg and Judith Redman
Norman and Donna Bolz
Bill and Theresa Zuerblis

Special Donor Recognition ($100 plus)
Elmer and Hermogina Novis
Frank and Ruth Wilson
Joe and Carolyn Tocco
Matt and Mona Simoncini
Jessie and Bing Ocampo
Joe and Mary Dueweke

May 1, 2016

Welcome to the Table - Rebecca Bogle!

Welcome to the Table of the Lord

Rebecca Bogle

Daughter of
Karen and Bill Bogle

Received First Holy Communion
St. Matthew Catholic Church

Detroit, Michigan
Sunday, May 1, 2016


Reverend Duane R. Novelly

April 10, 2016

Welcome New Parishioners!

~ To our Newest Parishioners ~

The Gross Family of Grosse Pointe Farms
David and Lynn

Twins Matthew and Lauren, and Kenneth
Registered on April 6, 2016

April 4, 2016

Welcome New Parishioners!

Welcome to our newest parishioners!

Don and Patricia Viol of Sterling Heights
Registered on February 29, 2016

Candace Beater of Detroit
Registered on March 3, 2016