St. Matthew Catholic Church

A Beacon of Light
and a Sign of Hope


Welcome to St. Matthew Catholic Church in Detroit, Michigan. We hope you find our presence on the Internet as warm and inviting as our Eucharistic-centered parish family. We are a diverse parish and always eager to see new faces. Please browse around this website to learn about our long history as a Beacon of Light and Sign of Hope on the East side of Detroit.
Church Overview Video
Mosaic Dome Interactive Exhibit

Mass Schedule

Saturday                4:30 pm
Sunday                10:00 am
Tues, Wed, Fri       9:00 am

Holy Days               9:00 am 
                        &   7:00 pm

Individual reconciliation by appointment.
Seasonal reconciliation, Advent & Lent.
Parish Office Hours

Monday - Friday
m to 5:00pm

Please contact the Parish Office directly 
for Sacramental Records.

The "Pulse" Bulletin

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